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At Kingston Removals, we provide a range of services that will turn a stressful moving process into one that is easy-to-manage and trouble-free. With a wealth of experience from managing all types of moves, we know that most moves are unique in one way or another and know how to manage your specific requirements.

Before Your Kingston Removals Move

Prior to your move, we will meet with you to discuss your special needs...because there is usually something. If you want to pack yourself we can provide boxes, crates and garment boxes since free boxes at supermarkets are now history!

We recommend that you buy some marker pens and take your time to mark up each box. Firstly, with the room it is going to be going into, e.g. Bathroom, Kitchen, Bedroom 1, Bedroom 2, etc. and secondly with the key items that are in the box, e.g. toys, crockery, glassware, etc. as there is nothing more frustrating than ‘losing’ a box in your new home and having to open everything to find what you are looking for.

Our Packing Service

Alternatively, we can pack in advance of the move for you - we are fully insured for your move, though it is wise to double check with your Home Contents Insurance provider, that you are also insured as well.

We mark boxes with the destination room of your new home (see above) and are dab hands at dismantling beds and other large items of furniture so that they can easily fit through doors...and reassembling them at your destination.

wimbledon removals dismantling a bed for removal.

Kingston Home Removals Advice & Tips

  1. If there's a delay in getting the keys for your new home we will find a secure storage facility for you and book a future date to move items from storage into your new home.
  2. Well in advance of your move, we recommend that you get rid of unnecessary possessions. Over the years, we have moved some families several times and never cease to be amazed that we are moving the same unopened boxes again and again! It costs money these boxes, so start early in lofts, under stairs and garages and sift through stuff that you’re never going to use or wear again.
  3. Turn the best of it into money by taking it to a boot fair or selling it on e-bay. If you don’t have time for this, be generous and donate it to a local charity shop in Kingston. Most items that are not fit for reselling can be recycled locally or at the Garth Road Recycling Centre (tip).

Kingston Parking Suspensions

If you live in a Controlled Parking Zone or your property has single or double yellow lines outside of it, you will need to apply for a parking suspension unless you have a driveway that can accommodate one of our vans. Kingston Council require seven working day’s notice to process a suspension and dispensation application which can be found by following the link.

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