Teddington Removals

Teddington Removals

As well as undertaking removals in Kingston we also move homes and offices in nearby Teddington, if you are unfamiliar with the area, we hope these notes about Teddington will help you.

Teddington is a popular place to live in and work with its proximity to the River Thames, Bushey Park, and Heathrow Airport and with good rail links to London. Traffic can be a problem, especially in the morning rush hour with the roads to Richmond and Kingston packed with commuters.

There are a high number of expensive properties locally and it has long been a fashionable place in which to live. Between the 17th and 19th centuries Teddington attained a certain popularity among the gentry, which it owed no doubt as much to the proximity of Twickenham and Richmond.

Still it took a long time to grow from a small village with a few large mansions. Like many local villages, it was the coming of the railway that led to the growth of Teddington. The station was opened in 1863 and soon houses were built for commuters who preferred the leafy suburb of Teddington to the smoke and smog of London.

Teddington provides good quality shopping with shops, bars and restaurants lining the High Street and Broad Street. There are also many offices as well as the National Physical Laboratory. Close to the river you’ll find Teddington Studios, built in 1910 as a film studio, but since 1958, given over almost entirely to TV production. Famous shows produced here include Tommy Cooper’s shows produced by Thames Television from 1973 to 1980 and The Benny Hill Show.

Local Links:

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Victoria Road
TW11 0BB

Local Schools:

State primary and junior schools
Teddington School

Local Doctors in Teddington – Search here

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